RFID Library Management

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RFID Library Management(图1)

Quick details:
RFID Library Management is an automatic system that is combination of radio frequency based technology and microchip technology. The information contained on microchips in the tags affixed to library materials and distance from the item. The RFID solution facilitate the library opening a management to enhance the readers’ free choice and reading availability, improve librarian work efficiency.
Advantages of RFID Library management systems
1. Faster scanning of the data stored on the RFID tag,
2. Simple and easy way for patrons to self-checking for material loans and returns.
3. Superior detection rates, significantly reduce the number of false alarms at the exit sensors (up to 75% less)
4. High speed inventory – reducing time to by staff for ‘shelf-reading’ and other inventory activities,
5. Automated return of materials that speeds up sorting of materials and re-shelving for the next patron to access.
6. A longer lifecycle than a barcode.

RFID Library Management(图2)

First Part:
1. Sticking the RFID labels/RFID CD tags on every books and CDs.
2. Install the anti-theft RFID gate reader in the library borrow channel or entrance gate which for realizing automatic alarm without checkin.
3. WIFI RFID reader eliminate tags’ EAS by the normal borrowing procedures and support pass books from the anti-theft antenna side, borrowing completed.      
4. No normal procedures for borrowing books will appear light and alarm, then the borrower re-submit the borrowing procedures.
Second Part(Anti-theft System):
1. Borrowing and returning mode:
Install a panel RFID antenna reader and a computer or flat POS machine on the desk. Computer automatically complete borrowing and returning procedures when the students put card and books on the desk.
2. Function: Realize the day and history users’ statistics, analysis, and report generated by connecting computer, assist users improve business management efficiency.

Third Part(New Books Join):
All new users can upload the information to the computer and overwrite the label by the Desktop RFID Antenna.
Forth Part(Inventory-taking):
Using books inventory antenna or RFID handheld scanner to check inventory.

RFID Library Management(图4)

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