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RFID Animal Tracking

Release Time:2021-12-06 01:05:04

RFID Animal Tracking(图1)

Quick details:
RFID Animal Tracking is an ID system that uses radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes. RFID ear tag is a microchip combined with an RFID antenna in a compact  package which will be attached to an object to be tracked. In the market, there are different frequencies that RFID system may choose. We are dealing with these two frequencies are given below: High frequency 13.56mhz or Ultra-high frequency UHF 860-960 MHz.

Advantages to apply the RFID Animal tracking system:

1. Improving management, sales of breeding animals and genetic improvement. 
2. The necessity for proof of ownership and identification.
3. Keepers to maintain and up-to-date records of origin, identity and destination of animals.
4. By collecting Secure, authentic & Real-time data one can get correct statistical analysis and on time information which helps to take decision making.
5. To provide proper and timely treatment to the cattle with health related case history.


1.Prepare the software and a whole hardware for the system, RFID Handheld scanner, RFID Antenna reader, RFID Tag encoder, RFID Ear tags, ear tag pliers and PC Server.
2.Store the animal’s info into each ear tag, such as the cattle’s births, deaths, movements, treatment, vaccination, castration, Insemination, accident and others information with dates.
3.Plier the ear tags on each animal, you may customize your logo or id number or different colors for convenient recognition from eyes.
4.Install the powerful RFID Reader on the gate, when the animal’s come in or out in a group, the RFID antennas can read all the ear tags in seconds and upload the counted quantity into PC server.
5.For other using of Weighing animals or finding out sick animals, you can use the devices according to your farm situation.

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