RFID From SKU To Shop

Release Time:2021-12-06 01:07:23

RFID From SKU To Shop(图1)
Quick details:
Intelligent SKUs management is realized by radio frequency identification(RFID) Technology. There are mainly three process to realize the auto-checking from factory to shop. It saves much time and improves the high efficiency of work.
First Process: UHF RFID inventory-taking management in warehouse.
1. The administrator write every items’ info into each rfid labels. (For apparel, you can choose the fabric rfid tags for sewing on collars directly)
2. Stick/Install rfid tags on boxes/bags/items.
3. Using handheld rfid reader to scan or read rfid labels for counting and check inventory status.

RFID From SKU To Shop(图2)RFID From SKU To Shop(图3)

Second Process: Entrance and exit management of the gate in warehouse.
1. Install rfid reader on the forklift(function for searching specified items)
2. Install rfid antenna and reader on the top of gate in warehouse.
3. When the forklift pass through the gate, reader receive labels’ info and transfer to server. (The reader in forklift need to close in case interference between the readers beside gate, simple way is to make an on-off switch to close reader by the trigger mode.)

RFID From SKU To Shop(图4)RFID From SKU To Shop(图5)

Third Process: UHF RFID inventory-taking management in shop.
1. When the items that sticking with rfid labels arrived the shop, scan how many itmes come in.
2.  For apparel shops, when sorting up to racks, tie up rfid hang tags in every clothes so that it’s easier to make inventory-taking for daily sales volume.
3. Install the rfid gate reader on the shop door for the alarm in case any theft situation.

RFID From SKU To Shop(图6)RFID From SKU To Shop(图7)

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