LDR-RI01RJ UHF RFID Ethernet Reader (US)

Item No.:LDR-RI01RJ(US)

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LDR-RI01RJ UHF RFID Integrated Reader belongs to ISO18000-6C & EPC Class 1 Gen2 protocol which can read and write all UHF RFID EPC tags in a long distance. With built-in RFID antenna and ABS material, it can be installed outdoor for car parking system.


1. Intelligent traffic management, such as custom clearance, parking lot;
2. Logistics such as container management, pallet management
3. Ticketing, school attendance, asset tracking;
4. Access control, automatic weighing;
5. Animal tracking;

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  • Size 235x235x57mm(US)/9.25×9.25×2.24inch(L×W×T)
    Material ABS Waterproof
    Mounting Bracket
    Data Interface Ethernet/RJ45, RS232/UART, Wiegand26/34, RS485
    Power supply Single +9V~12V DC
    Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃
    Operating humidity 20% ~ 90%RH
    Accessories 1×Bracket, 1×Connection cable
    Package 1unit/carton

    Customized Service
    Ethernet/WIFI port; Cable meters; Relay; External Antenna; Module; Led indicator; Circular Antenna;

  • Model No. LDR-RI01RJ
    Type Passive UHF RFID Antenna
    Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6C and 6B, EPC Class1 Gen2
    Frequency Worldwide 840-960Mhz, US 902-928mhz, EU 865-868Mhz
    Antenna  Built-in 12dbi linearized polarization RFID antenna
    Transmit power 0 ~ 30dBm adjustable
    Working Mode Read&Write supported
    Read&Write Range Read 1-6 adjustable, tag and environment dependent
    Read Prompt Buzzer
    Anti-collision Support multiple tags reading
    Reading Speed Max. 100tags/s
    Software Kits Provide free Demo for testing and SDK for development
    Software Compatibility Win XP, Win7, Win8 or Win10
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    We are original equipment manufacturer in RFID reader for over 12 years.  

    What is your minimum order?

    Our RFID reader MOQ is 1pc, RFID tag MOQ is 100pcs.  

    What is your payment way?

    T/T , Western Union , Paypal , Alibaba trade assurance.  

    What is your warranty?

    All our product have 1 year warranty if no human caused.  

    We can get technical support from you?

    Yes, most our technical information have upload to our website: , you can download it directly from website ,also you can contact our oversea salesman send to you.  

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