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RFID Warehouse Tags

source:    Release Time:2021-12-05 08:40:05   Article author:MCZN-RFID

Warehouse management occupies a core position in logistics management. There are many problems in the traditional warehousing industry. For example, people entering and leaving the warehouse are confused, the inventory report is not timely, the attributes of the warehouse goods are not clear, the stacking is chaotic, the inventory is not accurate and so on.
Warehouse management based on RFID technology will change the traditional working methods and processes of warehouse management. All key factors will be affixed with RFID warehouse management tags.
The core business process of warehouse management is outbound, inbound, inventory and inventory control to achieve more efficient and accurate management.
The advantages of RFID warehouse tags replace the position of the barcode in the logistics,such as fast recognition speed, long distance, not easy to damage, and large capacity. It simplify the complicated work process and improves the efficiency and transparency of logistics in and out of the warehouse effectively.
The RFID warehouse management label system uses a powerful, feature-rich and flexible intelligent network reader, which brings new development to RFID applications in the logistics field.

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